12 Things Successful Diets Have in Common

Some diets work while others just don’t. In fact, more than half of the diets that too work are clearly unsafe and may even cause you to gain weight after your first diet. Successful diets are based on a few certain aspects that can be as simple as eating the right foods and following a decent exercise. But what do they all have in common? Find out the things successful diets have in common.

Cuts Out Sugar, Not Fat

Sugar is the worst ingredient you can give your body. While it may be fine to consume in moderation, some people just eat too much of it. When consumed in high amounts, sugar tends to overload the liver and turn into fat – hence the reasons why most people assume that eating fat makes you fat.

Bottom line: Sugar is bad, which makes it the most avoided ingredient in most successful diets.

Tells You to Take It Slow

Healthy diets promote slow, but sure weight loss. This means that it is not advisable to lose more than one to two pounds a week. If you’re losing more than two pounds, this could mean that you are looking muscle tissue and negatively affecting your long-term diet.

Eat Breakfast

All successful diets will promote a quality breakfast that will set you up for the entire day. They suggest high-protein foods with a sufficient amount of fat and healthy carbs. If you haven’t noticed, eggs are the among the top diet foods.

Eat Regularly

Healthy diets promote regular meals that are usually planned within a three-hour timespan. This often includes snacks to regulate your metabolism and fight off hunger pains.

Suggests Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Following an effective weight loss plan is meant to encourage healthy lifestyle changes and realistic plans. This means diets shouldn’t rely on all-liquid diets or “special” foods to lose weight.

Eat Protein with Carbs

Most successful diets will tell you that the key to losing weight for the long run is to keep your blood sugar low. If you incorporate carbs into your protein meals, this will help slow down the sugar and all the cravings that come with it.

Follow a Balanced Nutrition

Successful diets will also tell you that all food groups are a must for every meal plan. This means that a balanced diet includes a variety of essential foods that your body needs. Sticking to a particular meal group or avoiding specific food groups will lead to an unbalanced diet and lack of dietary nutrients.

High in Fiber and Vegetables

As all diets may vary in ingredients and foods, they all favor on thing in common: high fiber. Many diets are plant-based foods that minimize animal protein and refined carbs. Vegetables are healthy and have been shown to reduce the risk of disease. They are also high in antioxidants, packed with nutrients, and loaded with fiber.

Nearly 27% of Americans eat the recommended daily about of vegetables a day. On the other hand, Americans eat more carbohydrates than their daily recommendations. Loading up on vegetables is a great habit that will lead you to eat less amount of food, with high amounts of nutrients – ultimately leaving you feeling fuller, longer.

Avoid “Fast” Foods

Successful diets will also mention that in order to lose weight, you must quit processed foods. This means that you should avoid refined and processed foods. Basically, anything that takes less than five minutes to cook and straight from the box. If you can’t make it yourself, don’t eat it.

Eliminates Refined Carbs

While eating healthy carbs with protein is encouraged, refined carbohydrates are not. This is because refined carbohydrates are grains that removed all the nutritional benefits. The most common form of refined carbs is refined wheat flour – which is popular in most Western countries. While refined carbs provide plenty of energy, it provides little to no essential nutrients.

Not Focused on Calories

One interesting thing we’ve found that successful diets have in common is the lack of counting calories and focusing on healthy whole foods. While calories are obviously necessary, restricting calories to a dramatically low amount is rarely effective for long-term weight loss.

Sweat it Out

All great diets will advocate that you need to get your body moving to lose weight. Without exercise, your body won’t sweat out the toxins and kick start your metabolism.

Consider these things when planning your next diet and you’ll be on the right track with weight loss.

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