Probiotics Benefits – Effective Solution For Digestive Health?

Bacteria that support body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight off infection are called probiotics.

Probiotics can be easily found in different kinds of food.

These bacteria are said to play a crucial role in ensuring proper intestinal digestion and function by balancing of microflora. Probiotics can be in foods and supplement, though selected foods, not all food, they also occur naturally inside our body.

What Are Probiotics?

Bacteria classified as probiotics are found to be a large number, each have varying benefits, but most of the come from two major groups.

Bifidobacterium – These kinds of bacteria can be found in dairy products. Its main useful fact is that they help in treating various conditions, but most importantly ISB irritable bowel syndrome.

Lactobacillus – these are the most common probiotic. It is mainly found in fermented foods especially in yogurt. They help in mainly in the treatment of diarrhea.

Some of the benefits of probiotic are as follows

Probiotics Digestive Health

Every human has more than 1000 different kinds of bacteria that reside in their digestive system; these bacteria eventually help in the breakdown food into smaller particles and therefore making it easier for the food and nutrients to be absorbed. Each time we take antibiotics when we are sick, the drugs will in the process of healing us also kill the healthy intestinal flora that helps us in the digestion process. 30% of the patients taking these antibiotics have to be reported to be suffering from diarrhea of some form of distress of the gastrointestinal.

Probiotics also help in other kinds of digestive issues. For example, according to research, probiotics can help people with ISB commonly known as irritable bowel syndrome. This condition is hard to treat that has a wide range of intentional symptoms, for example, cramps, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Probiotics Urinary health

For those people suffering from urinary tract infection, they should consider using probiotics as a compliment to antibiotics, this is according to research. Regular probiotics can help in the prevention of bad bacteria from getting to the urinary tract by keeping a large population of healthy bacteria on the adherence sites of the tract.

In women, infection of the urinary tract is common. Infections can reappear the use of antibiotics, but close to 40% of this infections might reappear at some point according to research.

Lactobacilli strain which is dominant in the vagina makes it acidic for any harmful microorganisms to survive inside the vagina walls hence keeping the virginal ecosystem in balance. But the use of antibiotics, birth control pills, and spermicides throws the ecosystem out of balance.

The use of a probiotic treatment that helps in the restoration of a balanced microflora can be helpful in such common cases of female urogenital problems as a yeast infection, urinary tract infection, and bacterial vaginosis.

Most of the women around the world insert yogurt into the vagina or eat it to prevent or treat yeast infections that keep on reoccurring. Vaginal or oral administration of lactobacilli may in the long run help in the prevention or treatment bacterial vaginosis. It is important to treat these bacterial infections for the sole reason that the bacteria creates a risk to pregnant women, especially risks related to pelvic inflammatory disease and risks related to complications in pregnancy.

Generally, probiotics are considered to be safe, for the main reason that they are already present in a digestive system, but it is important to make sure that the ingredient labels are properly and clearly marked and are familiar to your health provider or to you.

Probiotics Immunity

One of the main useful functions of good bacteria is stimulating the immune response. Through maintenance of a good intestinal flora and eating of foods rich in probiotic, one can help to keep a healthy immune system.


Obese people have different gut bacteria than people without obese. This gut flora plays a huge role to in overall weight a person. Probiotics can assist people with obesity that has recently undergone a weight loss surgery to maintain their weight.

Brain function

According to research, the brain function tends to improve greatly among the women who are consumers of yogurt that contains probiotic. Probiotics have the ability to alter the brain neurochemistry and in addition treat anxiety.


According to research conducted, women who use probiotics during pregnancy reduces the instance of childhood eczema by at least 30%. The research also further accounts, infants who receive probiotics have about 50% higher levels of inflammation tissues, which is believed to activate the immune system and therefore reducing allergy incidence.

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